helping people live with
the complexity of HIV

Welcome to the London HIV Chaplaincy website. We are a a registered charity working  with people who have two shared experiences:

We offer a completely confidential service to all our clients.

  1. They are all living with HIV
  2. They have all experienced harm through their faith communities – in some cases their faith communities have been complicit in their diagnosis and as such a major contributory cause of the person contracting HIV.

The Chaplaincy is a resource for people of all faiths and none. It is deeply concerned with the impact of faith communities on clients.

The Chaplain is currently working with around 360 clients. The aim of the work is to support and allow the clients to make sense of their lives, to provide resources to enable them to engage with their own experience and to find ways to share their experience with the communities and institutions that have harmed them.

‘Who Cares About HIV?’

One way that the Chaplaincy has found to engage with faith communities is through the publication of Who Cares About HIV? Challenging Attitudes and Pastoral Practices that do More Harm than Good’. The book includes challenging and stark testimony from the clients themselves, so that it is their voice that is heard directly rather than filtered or nuanced to be more acceptable to those of us who serve the institutions that have failed them. 

The Chaplaincy welcomes responses to the book in order to be able to give to clients answers that they deserve from faith communities and to ensure that the experience of people living with HIV is better understood among faith communities.

Copies of the book [£10 inc p&p] can be ordered from

Responses to the book can also be sent to